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VPANG Architects Limited

VPANG Architects Limited is a professional practice having a strong, energetic and creative team in design. The firm delivers comprehensive professional services in architecture, interiors and urban planning while striving to provide the highest level of professional service and design excellence.
16/F, Valley Centre,
80-82 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel : 2868 4178
Fax : 2868 1478
E-mail :
Baiyun Qu People's Hospital
Guangzhou, China

The master plan aimed to preserve the existing hill and redefine the axis based on the existing canal, thus linking the programmatic "cores" together. The architectural design was inspired by the spirit of Chinese calligraphy. The fluidity and strength of the calligraphy strokes of the character "heart" inspires the design of the skin, underneath which sits the core areas of the building, creating a multi-dimensional yet cohesive design.

Year of Completion: 2012

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