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Rocco Design Architects Limited

Rocco Design Architects Limited is dedicated to the uncompromising fundamentals of architecture. Being committed to the belief that architecture is the embodiment of culture - embracing and reinterpreting the past, as well as addressing modernity - and the requirements of contemporary living, our works have been consistently honored with many local, national and international awards, demonstrating our prowess for creativity over the years.
38/F, AIA Tower,
183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel : 2528 0128
Fax : 2529 2135
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Baoan Cultural Centre, Shenzhen

A library, a youth palace and a theatre on a axis toward Qian Hai (前海). The forms and the fa?ade of each building morph from landside to seaside: the library's subtly tilts upward and out; the youth palaces' whirls around a courtyard opening out to the city; and the theatre's flutters against the sea breeze.

Expected completion 2012

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