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One Space Limited

One Space is the only interdisciplinary architectural design and technology services provider in the Asia region that delivers integrated space and technology solutions for financial services organisations. Our team's extensive experience puts us in a unique position to deliver specialised, technology-rich office spaces and trading floors that are both comfortable and highly functional.
27/F, Kinwick Centre,
32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
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Zurich Insurance Office at One Island East 2013

This project successfully re-stacked 310 staff, previously accommodated across 3 floors, onto 1-1/2 floors. This dramatic increase in density opened a clear opportunity to facilitate valuable staff interactions that would arise from these heightened adjacencies.

We therefore developed a robust planning strategy utilising bench-style desking, reduced number of cellular offices and fundamentally different meeting and gathering spaces.

The all-important corollary to such a strategy is the creation of social zones and shared spaces that compensate for the loss of personal space at the workstation. In a win-win proposition, this meant that the wide range of daily tasks can be better accommodated by facilities designed specifically to support them, rather than 'making do' with the inflexible, one-size-fits-all 'desks + rooms' model. Our concept revolves around the need to create 'agile' workspace, generated by a combination of carefully calibrated densification and a meaningful increase in both the quantity and quality of collaboration space.

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