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LCK Architects Limited

LCK Architects Ltd. was first established as Ling Chan & Partners Ltd. (LCP) in 1984. LCK is a group of dedicated professionals sharing a common desire in achieving excellence in architectural and interior design. The goal of our design process is to answer the client's needs by balancing aspirations, programme requirements & budgets.
3105-6, 31/F, 69 Jervois Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel : 2815 3306
Fax : 2541 1761
E-mail :
Redevelopment of Lei Muk Shue Estate Phase 3 & 4

The Phase 3 comprises 2 NH1 (New Harmony) Opt 3 blocks and 1 NH Annex 5 block on a complex podium. The Phase 4 consists of 2 NH 1 Opt6 blocks and 1 CSH (Composite Small Household) block.
A new PTI (Public Transport Interchange) is located under the podium of the project. In addition to comprehensive commercial facilities, the project also provides social welfare facilities, such as kindergarten and elderly care centre, etc. The project was completed in 2006.

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