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LAAB Limited

LAAB is a Chartered Architectural Firm with an unorthodox team comprising architects, artists, designers, engineers, and makers. From residential and workplace, to retail and public place, LAAB works on minimal yet intelligent designs to construct inventions for everyday life. The dedication of the firm has been recognized by awards, including Japanese Good Design Award, Design for Asia Award and HSBC Youth Business Award.
23/F, KP Tower,
93 King’s Road, Hong Kong
Tel : 2858 8687
Fax : 2802 6186
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Playable Journey . Yoho

Located at the Yoho mall in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, a residential area where many young families reside, "playable art" was an interactive artwork that combines "arts", "fun" and "community".

LAAB believes that arts and architecture should not be something that are out of touch. With this principle, we created "Playable Arts" to enhance not only human interaction but also interaction between humans and arts as well. We also want to change the idea that "playing" is only for kids because adults too, deserve fun. As a result, we created a set of interactive artwork that invites "kidults" (i.e., adults and kids) to play with our artwork.

In this outdoor space, we used the architecture languages of dots, ovals, and spheres to create four pieces of playable art - "Color Circus", "Flying Roof", "Infinite Loop", "Rocking Boom".

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