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LAAB Limited

LAAB is a Chartered Architectural Firm with an unorthodox team comprising architects, artists, designers, engineers, and makers. From residential and workplace, to retail and public place, LAAB works on minimal yet intelligent designs to construct inventions for everyday life. The dedication of the firm has been recognized by awards, including Japanese Good Design Award, Design for Asia Award and HSBC Youth Business Award.
23/F, KP Tower,
93 King’s Road, Hong Kong
Tel : 2858 8687
Fax : 2802 6186
E-mail :

The project is an expansion of an existing bank building, by adding two cubic buildings and a single storey central building. One facade of both cubic buildings are set-back on the top two floors, in order to create an outdoor balcony as well as breaking down the heaviness of the cube. The central building accommodates public programmes under a transforming canopy envelop, while connecting the three main buildings to the entrances, the carpark and an outdoor terrace that overlooks the city.

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