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LAAB Limited

LAAB is a Chartered Architectural Firm with an unorthodox team comprising architects, artists, designers, engineers, and makers. From residential and workplace, to retail and public place, LAAB works on minimal yet intelligent designs to construct inventions for everyday life. The dedication of the firm has been recognized by awards, including Japanese Good Design Award, Design for Asia Award and HSBC Youth Business Award.
23/F, KP Tower,
93 King’s Road, Hong Kong
Tel : 2858 8687
Fax : 2802 6186
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Small Home Smart Home

Michelle and Andy came to LAAB with big plans and a long wish-list for their apartment, asking us to fit a full kitchen, large bathtub, home cinema, gym, cat friendly spaces and plenty of storage into just 309 sqft.

The apartment was so small, because the couple wanted to live in the heart of Hong Kong, Central district. Hong Kong is already one of the most expensive places in the world to live, and nowhere is this truer than in Central. Given the choice of putting all of their resources and gaining an extra 30-50sqft or saving some of their budget for a groundbreaking interior design that would create the feeling of much more space, the couple chose to go with design.

To realise their ambitious plans, our team at LAAB had to think beyond static spaces. We began considering time as a factor, eventually designing the space around a "Form Follows Time" philosophy, which means that spaces open and close depending on the purposes needed at that particular time. This is best demonstrated by the bathtub area of the apartment.

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