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Leigh & Orange Limited

Leigh & Orange Ltd, founded in Hong Kong in 1874, is a large, well-established international architectural and interior design practice. With the headquarter in Hong Kong, L&O has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou and the Middle East. The practice adopts an innovative design approach and green concepts of sustainability for their projects.
801, Dorset House,
Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Hong Kong
Tel : 852 2899 9000
Fax : 852 2806 0343
E-mail :
Shatin, Hong Kong
Completion : 2006 (Phase II)

The Phase II extension of the Union Hospital includes an additional four floors built on top of the existing hospital. The extension occupies a total floor area of 6,000 sqm and accommodates 100 extra beds, a day centre for patients undergoing minor surgery, consulting rooms for specialists and offices.

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