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K & W Architects Limited

K & W Architects Limited is an architectural firm, formed after re-structuring of a firm established by Mr. Kwan Wing Hong, Dominic under the name Kwan & Partners in January 2001. Mr. Kwan has 40 years in his architectural career which is a testament to his talent and professionalism. He has made significant architectural contributions to Hong Kong and has served on a variety of advisory committees, sharing his valuable experience with respected bodies committed to enhance the built environment of Hong Kong
24/F, Cigna Tower,
482 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel : 3152 2322
Fax : 3152 2328
E-mail :
Four Points Sheraton Lhasa, Tibet

Taken for granted are often the instantaneous availability of the comforts many have grown accustomed to and the safety or the illusion of which we often perceive as infallible.

When we step out of our native environment and into the realm of another, our desperateness for an abode becomes illuminated and uncomfortably near.

The Four Points Hotel Shearton in Lhasa Tibet is such an abode, likened to stranger in his native land willing to help a visiting traveler.

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