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K & W Architects Limited

K & W Architects Limited is an architectural firm, formed after re-structuring of a firm established by Mr. Kwan Wing Hong, Dominic under the name Kwan & Partners in January 2001. Mr. Kwan has 40 years in his architectural career which is a testament to his talent and professionalism. He has made significant architectural contributions to Hong Kong and has served on a variety of advisory committees, sharing his valuable experience with respected bodies committed to enhance the built environment of Hong Kong
24/F, Cigna Tower,
482 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel : 3152 2322
Fax : 3152 2328
E-mail :
Golden Sorya Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Located at the heart of downtown Phnom Penh, the proposed site is integrated with a hotel, casino and night-club. The nightclub itself is cladded with black reflective glass which lounges with a cascading waterfall besides the entrance. Featured on the rooftop is a magnificent infinity pool and green garden for patrons to relax and set aside their busy lives.

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