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HS Design International Limited

HS Design is an international architectural practice with extensive international experience in various fields, especially in town planning, office, hotel, residential and industrial design, etc. HS Design's principle is to apply advanced design theories and philosophies to meet local needs. Based on fully understanding to client's and market's requirements, project's environments, local culture and history, HS Design pursues creative solutions, architectural excellence and meaningful environments. All our designs are unique and full of spirit of the new era.
Room 5A, 23/F, World-wide House,
19 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
Tel : 2540 3247
Fax : 2540 6424
E-mail :

將地塊分為南北兩塊。南地塊為公建地塊,辦公,酒店,soho 公寓和商場,在南地塊上的東南側布置一棟超高層辦公和酒店,形成人民西路的標志性建築,與城市網絡相銜接,形成開放性社區;將商業街的概念引入到地塊的內 部來,將商業部分分成數個小體量模塊, 布置成步行休閑式的商業街區,疏密有致布置,相互穿插,相互流通,從而形成景觀優美,環境素質高尚,而具特色的商業街區,創造不同凡響的高素質社區和商業 建築的型態,體現行雲流水的空間品位。高密度住宅小區相對集中地布置於地塊的北側,小區相對獨立,遠離人民西路的喧嘩,享受優質的的私密性內部環境的寧靜。

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