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Domat Limited

DOMAT is a not-for-profit architectural practice. We work with communities and people who do not normally have access to architects. We believe that everybody is entitled to a good living environment, and that good design should be available at all levels of society. Through the processes of research, design and implementation, we engage with local people to understand the communities involved.
Unit 4, 9/F, Yip Fung Industrial Building
7 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 3956 4123
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The Useless Frame for District Market

The Useless Frame named after Zhongzi's "Uselessness has far-reaching effects".

An independent frame without an obvious use, contains the countless possibility of spacial creation.

Very often, we use the concept of usefulness to define objects. If we only abide by these standards, we are likely to give up those things which are considered as useless.

Yet "useless" itself can have far reaching effects, beyond a single standard. To break away from the idea of "use", is to abandon the prejudice of a "tool"; in doing so, we can achieve a higher realm of far-reaching effect.

Project Details
Project Name: The Useless Frame for District Market
Location: Blue House, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Architect: DOMAT
Team: Mark Kingsley, Maggie Ma, Sunny Wu, Vicky Li, Bryony Lau
Collaborators: Hong Kong Council of Social Service, St. James' Settlement
Funding: Citi Foundation
Project Date: May 2017
Project Size: approx 1.73 m3
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