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Barrie Ho Architecture Interiors Limited

BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd is a proud winner of the Asia Pacific Property Awards (Architectural Category) 2014 & 2013, Hong Kong Institute of Architects Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards 2013, HKSAR Quality Building Awards 2012 (Finalist) & 2010 (Merit), Dubai Cityscape Architectural Awards 2008, accumulating over 120 International Prestigious Awards from Dubai, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, and other regions in the Asia Pacific.

BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd is a Registered Practice / Corporate Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Corporate Member of the Association of Architectural Practices, Band 3 Architectural Consultant (HKIA List)(AAP List) of the HKSAR Architectural Services Department, and Institutional Member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council.
19/F, Wyndham Place,
44 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
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New Headquarter of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals @ Tsing Yi

Situated in the Southern Part of Tsing Yi, the new premises of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is an attempt to Re-Organize the Basic Components of the Society to provide better hospitality communications, caring, and services to the general public.

The CATWALK + DOGWALK in the Air
In order to facilitate a better communication and circulation for both Animals and Human, the Grand Ramp is exaggerated along the peripheral of the front elevation, thus the expressive ramp is the major circulation to the premises which also performs as a Social-Gathering Ramp for visitors, animals and medical staff to meet up and to share ideas on animals.

The new premises in Tsing Yi totally occupy an area of 77149.2 s. q. ft, composed of functions like Main Reception Centre, Veterinary, Shop/ Storage/ Pharmacy, Adoption Unit, Cat Colony Care Unit, Meeting / Interview Room, Adoption Unit, Grooming and Laundry at Ground Floor to provide the closest proximity and easiest arrival for visitors.

As for the First Floor Level, the premises are well organized with Inspectorate-Office/ Operation Room/ Equipment Store, Welfare Hospital and Spay/ Neuter Surgical Unit. Whilst the Administrative and Ancillary Offices are Re-Organized in the Second Floor Level with Administration Office Area, Animal Welfare Learning Centre, Members Area, Boarding Area, Behavioral Training Unit, Inspector Office, Conference Room and Staff Office. The Roof Level is also linked up by the Expressive Ramp with a unique Landscape Roof Garden for both Animals and End-Users.

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