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Atelier Global Limited

Atelier Global was founded in 2007 which is an aspiring studio strongly believes in the power of design and creativity. We think beyond space and function for new insights and possibilities. Our methodology is to establish cross links among different cultures, scales and form of spaces that enables transposition thinking and generate new quality of spaces.

The systematic yet transboundary approach has been successfully executed on comprehensive project types including culture, education, retail and live/work spaces. We consistently focus on details for project realization. Atelier Global has received numerous design awards from the United States, Europe and Hong Kong. Our colleagues are actively involved in academic and cultural research including Biennale exhibition and university teaching.
25/F, Tai Yip Building,
141 Thomson Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel : 3547 2111
Fax : 3547 2109
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Vice Versa House

Despite the simplicity of the brief and very small floor area, we set an ambitious vision to revitalize the village living spirit and set up a prime example for the village new identity. An idea of internal village street is created by making dynamic visual connections to other family houses along the wrapping vertical circulation. Each floor of the house offers a different level of privacy counterpoised with visual and contextual relationship with the village outside. The daily living movement within the house becomes an opportunity to interact with neighbors such that the sense of collectiveness is fostered. Environmental considerations are carefully addressed by cross ventilation, minimizing heat gain, and diffused light collection.

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