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At Zero Design Limited

RETAIL - our office has numerous experiences on retail projects throughout Hong Kong and China. We have delivered effective project management for various global high-end/famous retail labels.

RESIDENTIAL - our office has provided project management and architectural/interior design services for over 50 townhouses and apartments in Hong Kong with innovative and unique designs.
Office B, 12/F, China Harbour Building,
370-374 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel : 3115 7748
Fax : 2571 0718
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Tong Hang 30-house Residential Complex Development

Year of Completion - 2008
Client - Famebo Development Ltd
Setting - 30 houses are inserted in a natural setting of Tong Hang Village in Fanling.
Exterior - The objective is to dissolve the barriers between inside and outside in modern form.
This sense of harmony is expressed in a new material palette which includes sensuous stone and wood.
Interior - The scheme divides the volume into different units, each occupying a single floor or duplex floors. Each unit also incorporates different forms of outside spaces- sky deck, balcony or garden.

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