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ARK Associates Limited

ARK was founded in 2002 by a group of dedicated architects with the goal of providing unique designs that can add value to our clients' products and differentiate them from today's homogeneous market. We believe that good design should be experience oriented and be able to enhance the brand identity. We believe design has to innovate, sell, communicate, connect, inspire and persuade.
Room 1303-4, 13/F, Block A, Sea View Estate,
2 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel : 2633 6383
Fax : 2633 0933
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Orange House

Type: Boutique Hotel
Location: Nan Ling national Forrest Park, China
Client: Zhongheng Ecotourism Development
Realized: 2004 - 2005

Located in the Nan Ling National Forrest Park, the Orange House is part of an eco tourism development with a focus on sustainability. Based on the reuse of a 25 years old Forrest Ministry building, a concept of applied "Texture Layers" was developed where by different materials textures and colour was applied to the building to break down the existing fenestration and give the building a horizontal emphasis.

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