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Alexander Wong Architects Limited

ALEXANDER WONG ARCHITECTS is an Award-Winning, Avant-Garde Architectural & Interior Design firm originating from Hong Kong. Since 2001, the company has evolved from a fusion office to a dynamic multi-disciplinary powerhouse consisting of visionary professionals creating fresh, young & cutting edge designs for Architecture, Interiors & beyond.

The company specializes in designing Luxury Homes for A-List Clients in the Movie Industry as well as creating theme-based Cinema Complexes like "Avatar City" in Zhongshan, "A Futuristic Eden" in Shenzhen and "Carmen Futura" (a cinema inspired by the Films of Wong Kar-Wai) in Hong Kong --- all three projects garnering International Design Awards and many others including World's Best Retail for "De Rucci" and World's Best Show Home for "Golden Eye" respectively at the International Property Awards 2015-2016 in London. In 2013 & 2015, the firm has been selected by AD (Architectural Digest) China as one of the "100 Top Architecture & Design Talents in China" and also voted "Best Young Interior Designer of the Decade" (Hong Kong) 2015. In December 2016, ALEXANDER WONG ARCHITECTS won the Global Top Award with "World's Best Interior Design" at the International Property Awards in London.

With a firm belief in "Innovation based on Culture" and "Value Creation through Functional Design with Meaningful Subtext", the company is able to realize powerful, ultra-bold and daring creations with special attention to details that exceed the expectations of the users. Combining professional diligence with business acumen including cost effective management, Alexander Wong Architects propel Architecture, Interiors, Real Estate Development & Branding, to a new level of excellence.
Suite 1701, 17/F, Lucky Building,
39 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
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The objective here is to create a kind of Super Luxury Living in China or "High Living" or "Royal Living"

We started looking at old Palaces around the world and hoping we could invent some kind of Modern Interpretations, for example, what the designer Lee Broom did during the 2012 Olympics in London which we thought was quite interesting. His "Gold Room" has filled a room in a London mansion, the nineteenth century Lancaster House, with punk-style studded furniture to host visiting business leaders during the Olympic Games. The result was unexpectedly and shockingly compatible! But then, England is based on and built upon a rigid and complex Class System which we don't really have in Asia. And there isn't really a context of a Mansion filled with history like the one in London. We couldn't transpose the approach of Lee Broom which is essentially superimposing Soft Punk + East Enders cultures onto British Royalty which will not be applicable in China.

So we moved onto another type of Class Differentiation which is based on contemporary Super Luxury Brands.

When we looked at Luxury Brands like LV, Gucci, Burberry and Hermes etc, we realize their history are very similar --- leather goods for Carriages and later luggage which are related to Horses, the Landed Gentry and Travelling. The idea of the Horse became a starting point for us as the leather harnesses and metal buckles and other accessories are all related to a much deeper psychosexual connotations and subliminal messages related to sex. Controlling Livestock like Horses in the Past have sociologically and metaphorically evolved into the control of slaves, servants and employees or even family members. Patterns like Burberry's checked patterns used in the Billiard Room, originates from the Scottish Highlands and Scotland represents a bygone gentrified class system filled with mythologies and an idealized history that exemplifies chivalry and honour.

In terms of colours, after we completed another lux home called Golden Eye which was more Monochromatic in approach; we decided to add more colours to this house. We started with a simpler more modern backdrop of White and Gold as a base --- but superimposed colours, like Red representing China onto the Canvas so to speak.

We also looked into Modern Art and studied the works of Damien Hirst who is always challenging our preconceived ideas and ways we view the world as a result of the prevailing Mind Control we have received. We also looked at Erotic Art as a way to create sensuality in the Space --- So we chose Georgia O'Keeffe as her semi-abstract paintings of flowers are full of REDs and highly sexual (sexually charged). Red becomes not just a colour of the Orient, but the colour of Bloodlines, and the colour of Life - family life --- which is about security, protection and control.

The Chain Patterns are not only the Ovals of Dior Logo but also they form a Gate --- representing a Gated Community of luxury, of high security (psychologically as well as metaphorically) --- which of course works both ways as this could make the spaces also cage-like in a deeper psychological sense --- only highly luxurious and gilded cages - which is what a lot of these big houses really are and hence the Entrance Lobby Chairs resembling a pair of birdcages.

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