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ADO Limited

ADO Limited focuses on SPACE BRANDING design profession which cherishes the juxtaposition of different ideas from the fields of arts, branding, interior, architecture and engineering, as well as our respective potentials of creativity. By injecting branding concepts into spatial design, we have unlocked the cultural significance of the project sites; re-interpret client's briefs and deliver projects with landmark quality and cultural meaning.
B6, 21/F, TML Tower,
3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel : 2646 6381
Fax : 2634 6648
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Hong Kong, China, Pavilion, ITU Telecom World

Year of completion : 2006

Hong Kong, with its strategic position as a main gateway to China and China to the World, takes an important role as the host city of ITU Telecom World 2006.

The modern and delicate pavilion is constructed under the inspiration of Chinese ancient concept of three essential elements: the heaven, the earth and the people (天、地、人). The pavilion represents harmony of the universe; its structure reflects a close relationship amongst the heaven (the roof-top); its firm rooting and strong linkage onto the red platform via the ten main pillars representing the earth; and lastly, the contents within developed by the people which make the creation and relationship rich and complete.

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