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ASD- General Specification for Building 2003 Vol 1
ASD- General Specification for Building 2003 Vol 2
BD- Design & Constructionn of Bldgs & Bldg Works for Installationand Safe Use of Lifts and
Escalators 1993
BD- Fire Resisting Construction 1996
BD- Oil Storage Installations 1992
BD- Overall Thermal Transfer Value in Buildings 1995
BD- Provision of MoA for Firefighting & Rescue Purposes 1995
BD- Provision of Means of Escape in Case of Fire 1996
BD- Structural Use of Concrete 1987
BD- Structural Use of Steel 1987
BD- Wind Effects Hong Kong 1983
BD- Demolition of Buildings
BD- Site Safety Supervision
BD- Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans
BD- Precast Concrete Construction 2003
BD- Guide to Fire Safety Design for Caverns 1994
BD- Design Manual - Barrier Free Access 1997
BD- Guidelines on Maintenance and Repair of Drainage System and Sanitary Fitments and
Notification of Completion of Inspection on Drainage Works
BD- Guide on Erection & Maintenance of Advertising Signs
BD- Guidelines for Removal of Typical UBWs nd General Maintenance of External Walls
BD- Amendments to Guidelines for Removal of Typical UBWs and General Maintenance of
External Walls - September 2002
BD - Intro to Co-ordinated Maintenance of Bldg Scheme
BD - Building Maintenance Guidebook
BD - Practice Notes for AP & RSE
BD - Joint Practice Notes
BD- Forms
China Light & Power Co. - Supply Rules
CEDD- Inspection & Maintenance of Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes
CEDD- Construction Standard CS1:1990 Testing Concrete Vol 1
CEDD- General Spec. for Civil Engineering Works (Vol 1-3)
CEDD- Geospec 1: Model Spec. for Prestressed Ground Anchors
CEDD- Geoguide 1 Retaining Wall Design
CEDD- Geoguide 2 Site Investigation
CEDD- Geoguide 3 Rock and Soil Descriptions
CEDD- Geoguide 4 Cavern Engineering
CEDD- Geoguide 5 Slope Maintenance
CEDD-Geoguide 6 Reinforcement Fill Structure & Slope Design
CEDD- Geotechnical Manual for Slopes
CEDD- General Design Considerations for Marine Works
Construction Industry Training Authority - Forms
Dept of Justice- All Ordinances & Regulations including Building Ordinance & Regulations
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Lighting Installations
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning installations
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Lift & Escalator Installation
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Electrical Installations
EMSD- Lift Works and Escalator Works
EMSD- Installation of Electrically Operated Sliding Gates, Sliding Glass Doors and Rolling
EMSD - Avoiding Danger from Gas Pipes
EPD- Guidelines for Design of Small Sewage Treatment Plants
EPD- Guide to Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
EPD- Environmental Asbestos Control
EPD- Asbestos Removal of Unauthorised Building Works
EPD- Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses
EPD- Guidelines for Design of Small Sewage Treatment Plants
EPD- Assessment of Noisefrom Places other than Dom. Premises, Public Places or
Construction Sites
EPD- Noise from Construction Work in Designated Areas
EPD-Noisefrom Construction Work other than Percussive Piling
EPD- Noise from Percussive Piling
ETWB - Technical Circulars
ETWB - Practitioner's Guidelines
Fire Services Dept - Circular Letters
FSD - Code of Practices
Food & Environmental Hygiene Dept - Restaurant Licences
FEHD- Bakery Licence
FEHD- Factory Canteen Licence
FEHD- Food Factory Licence
FEHD- Fresh Provision Shop Licence
FEHD- Frozen Confection Factory Licence
FEHD- Milk Factory Licence
FEHD- Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
FEHD- Non-bottled Drinks/ Frozen Confections/ Milk Permits
FEHD- Karaoke Establishment Permit
FEHD- Liquor Licences & Club Liquor Licences
FEHD- Places of Public Entertainment (Cinema / Theatres)
Highways Dept - Standard Drawings
HyD - Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways
HK Electric Co. Ltd - Supply Rules
HEC - Guide to Connection of Supply
Labour Dept - Occupational Safety - Guides & COP
Labour Dept - Occupational Health - Guides & COP
Lands Dept - Lands Admin Office Practice Notes
OFTA - Code of Practice
Planning Dept - HKPSG Chapter 1 Introduction
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 2 Residential Densities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 3 Community Facilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 4 Recreation, Open Space and Greening
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 5 Industry
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 6 Retail Facilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 7 Utilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 8 Internal Transport Facilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 9 Environmental
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 10 Conservation
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 11 Urban Design Guidelines
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 12 Miscellaneous
Transport Dept - Code of Practice for Private Road
Town Planning Board - e-statutory plan
TPB - Guidelines
Water Supplies Dept - Circular Letters
WSD - HK Waterworks Standard Reqts for Plumbing Installation
WSD - Handbook on Plumbing Installations for Buildings Installation
WSD - Forms