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Dear Members

Welcome to the Buildings Committee Website.

It is the intention of the committee to make the Website a platform for all of you to exchange, express and to get informed on all matters regarding updated practice on statutory procedures. With the invaluable efforts of those committee members who contribute to its birth, the Website is designed to be useful and user-friendly to you all.

This is only a starting point. We would take this opportunity to solicit your active support so that it would continue to thrive and be of value to all members.

Happy surfing!

Buildings Committee 2007
ASD- General Specification for Building 2003 Vol 1
ASD- General Specification for Building 2003 Vol 2
BD- Design & Constructn of Bldgs & Bldg Works for Installationand Safe Use
of Lifts and Escalators 1993
BD- Fire Resisting Construction 1996
BD- Oil Storage Installations 1992
BD- Overall Thermal Transfer Value in Buildings 1995
BD- Provision of MoA for Firefighting & Rescue Purposes 1995
BD- Provision of Means of Escape in Case of Fire 1996
BD- Structural Use of Concrete 1987
BD- Structural Use of Steel 1987
BD- Wind Effects Hong Kong 1983
BD- Demolition of Buildings
BD- Site Safety Supervision
BD- Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans
BD- Precast Concrete Construction 2003
BD- Guide to Fire Safety Design for Caverns 1994
BD- Design Manual - Barrier Free Access 1997
BD- Guidelines on Maintenance and Repair of Drainage System and
Sanitary Fitments and Notification of Completion of Inspection on
Drainage Works
BD- Guide on Erection & Maintenance of Advertising Signs
BD- Guidelines for Removal of Typical UBWs and General Maintenance of
External Walls
BD- Amendments to Guidelines for Removal of Typical UBWs and General
Maintenance of External Walls - September 2002
BD - Intro to Co-ordinated Maintenance of Bldg Scheme
BD - Building Maintenance Guidebook
BD - Practice Notes for AP & RSE
BD - Joint Practice Notes
BD- Forms
China Light & Power Co. - Supply Rules
CEDD- Inspection & Maintenance of Water Carrying Services Affecting
CEDD- Construction Standard CS1:1990 Testing Concrete Vol 1
CEDD- General Spec. for Civil Engineering Works (Vol 1-3)
CEDD- Geospec 1: Model Spec. for Prestressed Ground Anchors
CEDD- Geoguide 1 Retaining Wall Design
CEDD- Geoguide 2 Site Investigation
CEDD- Geoguide 3 Rock and Soil Descriptions
CEDD- Geoguide 4 Cavern Engineering
CEDD- Geoguide 5 Slope Maintenance
CEDD-Geoguide 6 Reinforcement Fill Structure & Slope Design
CEDD- Geotechnical Manual for Slopes
CEDD- General Design Considerations for Marine Works
Construction Industry Training Authority - Forms
Dept of Justice- All Ordinances & Regulations including Building Ordinance
& Regulations
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Lighting Installations
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning installations
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Lift & Escalator Installation
EMSD- Energy Efficiency of Electrical Installations
EMSD- Lift Works and Escalator Works
EMSD- Installation of Electrically Operated Sliding Gates, Sliding Glass
Doors and Rolling Shutters
EMSD - Avoiding Danger from Gas Pipes
EPD- Guidelines for Design of Small Sewage Treatment Plants
EPD- Guide to Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
EPD- Environmental Asbestos Control
EPD- Asbestos Removal of Unauthorised Building Works
EPD- Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses
EPD- Guidelines for Design of Small Sewage Treatment Plants
EPD- Assessment of Noisefrom Places other than Dom. Premises, Public
Places or Construction Sites
EPD- Noise from Construction Work in Designated Areas
EPD-Noisefrom Construction Work other than Percussive Piling
EPD- Noise from Percussive Piling
ETWB - Technical Circulars
ETWB - Practitioner's Guidelines
Fire Services Dept - Circular Letters
FSD - Code of Practices
Food & Environmental Hygiene Dept - Restaurant Licences
FEHD- Bakery Licence
FEHD- Factory Canteen Licence
FEHD- Food Factory Licence
FEHD- Fresh Provision Shop Licence
FEHD- Frozen Confection Factory Licence
FEHD- Milk Factory Licence
FEHD- Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
FEHD- Non-bottled Drinks/ Frozen Confections/ Milk Permits
FEHD- Karaoke Establishment Permit
FEHD- Liquor Licences & Club Liquor Licences
FEHD- Places of Public Entertainment (Cinema / Theatres)
Highways Dept - Standard Drawings
HyD - Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways
HK Electric Co. Ltd - Supply Rules
HEC - Guide to Connection of Supply
Labour Dept - Occupational Safety - Guides & COP
Labour Dept - Occupational Health - Guides & COP
Lands Dept - Lands Admin Office Practice Notes
OFTA - Code of Practice
Planning Dept - HKPSG Chapter 1 Introduction
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 2 Residential Densities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 3 Community Facilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 4 Recreation, Open Space and Greening
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 5 Industry
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 6 Retail Facilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 7 Utilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 8 Internal Transport Facilities
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 9 Environmental
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 10 Conservation
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 11 Urban Design Guidelines
PlanD - HKPSG Chapter 12 Miscellaneous
Transport Dept - Code of Practice for Private Road
Town Planning Board - e-statutory plan
TPB - Guidelines
Water Supplies Dept - Circular Letters
WSD - HK Waterworks Standard Reqts for Plumbing Installation
WSD - Handbook on Plumbing Installations for Buildings Installation
WSD - Forms